Reimagined Artwork – Lillian Bassman

At one point in her life, Lillian Bassman was proud of her work, continuously being inspired by the fashion trends of the decade while discovering and experimenting with new printing techniques. That all changed in the era of the 60’s, when she left the fashion profession, she was discouraged and disappointed by the new fashion trends and their photographic style, causing her to destroy  most of her negatives, bagging them up in trash bags and storing them in her home in Manhattan. These negatives remained untouched for decades until Martin Harrison found her old negatives in a visit to her home. He encouraged her to revisit these, which she did. With a fresh eye, Lillian was re-inspired and with new technology, such as photoshop, she was able to create pieces from her old negatives that she liked. In the 1990’s, there was a new audience for her work, which tremendously boosted her popularity. Her career was revived, and she began to experiment on her old pieces with cropping, tinting, cutting, light manipulation, bleaching, anything she could to bring her life to her new pieces, continuing to do gallery shows and exhibitions all over the world. She began working for Vogue until 2004, where she finished her last assignment for German Vogue. Today, her work is still displayed in multiple galleries including in New York at the Stampfli Gallery and in Madrid at the Garden Prado. In 2012 at London’s Wrapping Project an exhibition entitled, Retrospective, was her final scene in the fashion world.


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