PNC VIP Lounge

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, the PNC arena hosts nearly 20,000 people for basketball, ice hockey, and concerts. I personally was able to experience the “VIP Lounge” area for a few hours before The Mumford and Sons concert that was held March 17th for St. Patrick’s Day. For those who paid for VIP tickets, the lounge was decorated and referred to as a “party,” where those guests will be able to skip skip the general admission line, receive “early bird” merchandise shopping, etc. To further the idea of the VIP “luxury” theme, PNC created an ambiance that was a mellow and elegant, while simultaneously convincing the guests that this was a worthwhile purchase.

In order to convey a sense of exclusivity, there was limited seating to create a sense of this being a small group of people that are only able to share this experience. However, this decision did not work well, as it was a mexican food buffet, so there were groups of guests that were unable to find seating to enjoy their meal. This led to people standing and holding their plates, sitting on the ground, or waiting until another group were not present at their table. This was the only negative spatial aspect about the lounge.

The lounge was heavy in Mumford and Sons theme in order to create a feeling of anticipation for the concert while people were able to choose the band’s old and new songs to play from the jukebox. When the old songs played, it filled the room with nostalgia as everyone felt a familiarity from the lyrics. When a new song was played, the vibe of the room was filled with excitement for the upcoming live rendition of these new songs. In addition to a constant playlist of the band’s music, there was a stand that was decorated with pictures of the band from tours, to album covers, photoshoots, ect. The room had minimal lighting and was illuminated by soft and colorful light fixtures, such as the multicolored LED lights from the picture stand, the glowing jukebox, or the candles on each table.


There was an overwhelming sense of unity that brought the room together by the recreational activities that were available to the guests while they waited for the concert to begin. This included 2 pool tables, 2 foosball tables, and a dart board. There were many people from different groups who played these games together, which further contributed to the “party” atmosphere.

There were also large banners and pictures on the wall that were available for families and friends to take pictures together in order to keep these moments as memories. The lounge was equipped with approximately 15 visible staff that moved throughout the room and socialize with the guests. They made the experience for the guests more relaxed and made sure the experience was positive. The staff accomplished this by taking group photos for the parties, constantly taking dirty dishes and empty drinks, and tipping groups off about where the band will be at times, in order to further convey the sense of exclusivity.

Overall, I think this atmosphere worked really well for the theme of the evening and accomplished the vibe PNC was trying to create.