Reedy Creek Greenway

I chose the Reedy Creek Greenway. The Reedy Creek Greenway is a Navigational system that runs along part of Meredith College and is used by runners, walkers, and cyclists. The Greenway starts at the corner of Faircloth St and Hillsborough St, and ends at the corner of Trenton Rd and Reedy Creek Rd. It is 5 miles in length. I chose this trail because I often run on it when training for my half-marathon. At the start of the trail there is a sign that says “Reedy Creek Trail” indicating the greenway you are on, this is because it intersects with other greenways and roads along the way. There is another large sign with a map to give you an idea of where the greenway goes before you start. Along the way there are length indicators every ¼ of a mile, starting with mile 0.  Whenever the greenway intersects with another greenway or road, where there is any way you can go a different direction there are large street signs indicating which path goes which way. For instance, the Reedy Creek Greenway sign will be parallel to the actual greenway and include arrows. At some intersections it even includes street signs to indicate that you are entering Merideth College or the North Carolina Museum of Art, two of the places this greenway passes through.

Over all this greenway is easy to navigate. I would recommend this to any fellow runner or walker or cyclist. As long as the user is aware of the signage and pays attention at each intersection or turn they should have a nice running, walking, or biking experience. However, the greenway does require you to pass over Blue Ridge Road right outside of the North Carolina Museum of Art. This intersection is one where it can be hard to navigate because there are a few different directions you can go and someone might not think that they would have to cross such a major road while using a greenway. There is signage at this point but for a first time user of the greenway it can be a bit confusing as to which direction to keep going. The greenway is perfect for anyone. For instance, a runner who needs to track distance; the mile markers every ¼ mile are perfect to keep track of how far one has been. For a walker looking to some leisure exercise it is a very pretty greenway and easy to follow street signs to always know which direction you are headed. There are specific signs for bikers to warn of hills or curvy roads ahead. Lastly, the typeface used for the signage is clear and easy to read. This is important because if you are running, biking, or even walking you should not have to stop to read the signs. These signs are large enough to see from far away and easy to ready as you pass by.