I chose this postcard as the wild design of this month because of its unique design which distinguishes itself from other postcards in the store. I purchased it two times in total, one to celebrate a friend’s graduation, and one to celebrate a birthday. When I first saw this postcard, I instantly decided on getting this because of its simple design. While all the other cards were too crowded, almost forced to be filled up by icons that represented graduation, this one was able to accomplish the same effect only with a single image on top of the card and a simple “Nice” text inside of the card. Personally, I follow the idea ‘less is more’, and therefore this card was a wonderful example of how less can accomplish more.

The front page of the postcard includes a thumbs up icon, lined with black and filled with white color. The material of the card itself resembles cardboard and the icon printed on it opposes that texture by using black and white print. As a result, the icon receives the attention of the viewer immediately. The fact that the icon was placed in the middle of the page and that the remaining spaces were left empty also enhances the effectiveness of the presented icon.

Once you open the card, it gets even better with the ‘Nice’ printed on the third page of the card leaving the second empty for us to write on. The postcard is humorous and functioning very well at the same time. Even though the thumbs up symbol is universal and the meaning of it is obvious, attaching the words ‘Nice’ definitely made this card more interesting as it starts to tease itself. The receivers of this card both laughed when they opened the envelope and turned the page, which also demonstrates the fun impact of it I believe.

I think this card was definitely working much better than all others in the store only by incorporating one iconic image and one word. It is surprising, also, that how design this simple can function for several purposes such as a birthday or a graduation.

Hillsborough Street, Target
Postcard page3

Postcard, front cover