Reasons We Love Teachers

I love this graphic posted by Refinery29. In the future, I plan to become a teacher and I believe that this communicates an important message to the viewer: teachers are on your side. Growing up, I always had great relationships with my teachers (especially my Social Studies/History teachers). For this reason, I want to teach History at either the middle or high school level. When I stumbled upon this post on Facebook, I could not help myself from sharing it (it’s so cute). The heart looks as if it is stitched together, but upon further investigation the different parts resemble that of different school supplies.

My favorite parts of the heart are “Introducing you to things you never knew you’d love”, “Always believes in you”, “Never makes fun of you for accidentally calling them mom”, and “Actually your second parent”.

As a child, I vividly remembering accidentally calling my teachers “mom” (I was always more embarrassed about it than they were). I am excited for my future and my career because I hope my students view me in this manner. I am looking forward to learning more about them as they learn about the subject at hand. I am looking forward to leaving a lasting impression and impact much like my teachers have done for me. I believe that this graphic resembles these feelings (more so the nostalgia associated with elementary school). As a senior in college, it is crazy to think about how quickly school has flown by. On one hand I am beyond ready to graduate, but on the other I am nervous about what real adult life consists of.

Teachers are an integral part of our upbringing. It is disheartening to think about how the education system within our country is increasingly unequal (not all students are provided with the same opportunities). Not only are students impacted by our education system, but teachers from state to state differ in regards to compensation and benefits. Teachers are important and they should be treated as such. All in all, this graphic communicates a positive message about teachers which I love.