Mona Lisa Looks a Little Funny

Mona Lisa Looks a Little Funny- Mona Lisa Tropes


Shown above is the original painting of Mona Lisa, one of the most famous paintings in the world. “It was painted sometime between 1503 and 1519, when Leonardo De Vinci was living in Florence, and it now hangs in the Louvre, in Paris, where it remains an object of pilgrimage in the 21st century” (

ANT’s Mona Lisa, Created by Diaframma, ANT, and Leonardo Da Vinci, Advertisement medium, Aired in October 2013

Shown above is an Fondazione ANT Italia Onlus Advertisement. This organization’s mission is inspired by Eubiosia (from Ancient Greek, “the good life”), so that a patient’s dignity might be preserved during illness and up until the last moments of life” ( From looking at this advertisements painting is it commonly understood that Mona Lisa has cancer of some type. The idea this company is trying to convey is that although Mona Lisa has cancer she still has her dignity with help from ANT Italia Onlus. I am lead to this impression considering she still maintains the confidence she has maintained throughout history. My impression of this advertisement would not change due to the time period it was created in, confidence and dignity in a cancer patient has always been an issue and continues to be one. Knowing the company’s background and mission helps to fully comprehend the message in the advertisement. Without the caption at the bottom of the painting it would be quite difficult to understand why Mona Lisa was chosen to display a cancer patient. From reading the caption you are able to understand that Mona Lisa was chosen for this role because of her strong sense of dignity. This image creates a sense of hope and an urge to help those in need.

Mona lisa- Cultural Appropriation, Created by unknown, Painting Medium, Aired February 2014

Shown above is a remake painting of the classic painting Mona Lisa, in this painting Mona Lisa taking a duck face selfie on her iphone. This directly reflects on society as a whole in the past decade. The message conveys that by society being so absorbed in their iphones that if Mona Lisa was created in current day she would look more like this than the original Mona Lisa painting. I am lead to this interpretation because the author is obviously mocking others who are avid iphone users, it points out how ridiculous it is that people live for these little devices. If this painting was created in the 1990s no one would understand what the message was or what she was even holding her hand, therefore the timing of this painting majorly affects the message. By this painting alteration being made in 2014 it reflects on what was “in style” for instance, the “duck face” has somewhat gone out of style, but in 2014 it was in its prime. There are various criticisms based on the idea that technology is taking over the world and people are not living life like they used to, hence the alteration on the classic painting, Mona Lisa. This picture makes me feel guilty considering I use my iphone a decent amount, it scares me to think that technology will only get more advanced and people will only become more absorbed to it.

The New Yorker Magazine, Created by unknown (unable to decipher name in bottom right corner), Magazine Medium, Released on February 8th 1999                      (

Shown above is a remake of Mona Lisa with the face of Monica Lewinsky. This magazine cover was made because of all the similarities Mona Lisa and Monica Lewinsky share. “Monica was known among friends as “Mona,” the images of her in the popular press emphasized her mouth and smile (with appropriate innuendo), and in both Monica and Mona there flies the uncertainty of the nature of her relationship with a great celebrity”( It has always a mystery who Mona Lisa was to Leonardo De Vinci. A Relative? A friend? A Lover? The New Yorker obviously has some of the same suspicions about Monica Lewinsky that resemble the same doubts between Mona Lisa and Leonardo De Vinci. I believe the timing of this magazines release plays a major role in the understanding of this remake of Mona Lisa. Personally, I am vaguely aware who Monica Lewinsky is, this most likely reflects on the fact that I wasn’t alive on February 8th of 1999. Im sure to people who were alive and aware of media or politics knew who Monica Lewinsky was and were able to fully comprehend the meaning of this magazine cover.


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