Rainbow Nerds

Caption for featured photo: Rainbow Nerds candy box. I was given this candy box as a stocking-stuffer this past Christmas. My mom purchased this candy box at a Dollar Tree close by my house (north of Charlotte). I took it back to school with me and have been munching on Nerds slowly since the start of the Spring 2019 semester.

I am sure most people are familiar with Nerds candy. It is my favorite type of candy hands down. Any time a holiday comes around, my mom gets me a box of Rainbow Nerds, even though the strawberry and grape combo is the best. Not only is the taste of Nerds wild and delicious, so is the packaging design. Coincidentally enough, I think this design is wild, in the best way possible. Because they are rainbow nerds, the packaging design makes sure to include all the colors of the possible Nerds flavors you will eat. There is purple, pink, green, orange, and yellow, all assorted in a wavy fashion. It makes the packaging appealing and fun to look at. Besides the wild (and appropriate) background, there are little Nerds people scattered across the box, jumping everywhere, implying that they too are having a fun time.

On top of that, the font of the title is bold, fun, and flows with the rest of the design. The title has four layers, which makes it seem like it is popping out of the box, adding to the fun atmosphere of the packaging design. The font itself lacks serifs and has a goofy alignment to each letter, getting rid of any serious implication.

Overall, the main core of the packaging design evokes a crazy and fun message, that really pulls people into purchasing this candy. I cannot help but smile whenever I receive a box of zany Nerds. All in all, in my own humble opinion, I love the design of the Nerds candy box. It is fun to look at and makes the experience of eating nerds that much more enjoyable. On a deeper level, the exuberance and craziness of this box paired with the title Nerds gets rid of the negative connotations that comes with the word “nerd.”

On a separate note, the one thing I do not enjoy about this packaging design is the placement of some lettering. Where the box has black colored font, it is somewhat difficult to read. As an example, in the photograph where it says “tiny, tangy, crunchy candy,” it is placed over a dark purple textured background. This placement makes it uncomfortable to read.

Since I have been enjoying Nerds candy throughout my life, I found this design interesting because the design explains why I love the candy so much. Its crazy, fun appeal accurately reflects the crazy, delicious taste of the candy itself.