Wild Currency Design

Why do we use designs on currency? Why not leave coins blank? Many reasons play into why we decorate Coins in certain ways. This design idea dates back to ancient days past (335-376 CE) when minting coins identified rulers and other meanings or figures. It was used to label property or show where the coin originated from. We still mint our coins today; actually, universally all currency from all the different countries has some form of design. We mint coins to identify or represent our culture or history and to show where the money is from and to identify what it’s worth is.

But if you look closely, most of the designs have structural purpose besides depicting figures or places. These quarters for example, have different decorative designs but something they all have in common is the uplifted bold lined rim around the edge of the coin. This uplifted rim is designed to help protect the coins decorative design from wear. Similar styles are seen in ancient Chinese coins, but their difference was that they had holes in the middle of their coins, this was a design choice used for coins to be strung through a rope or made into a necklace. These structural designs can have purpose without even being realized. Another structural design is the outer rimed edge around the quarters, this is used to help stack other quarters together also to help prevent people from making fraud currency.

What’s cool about the current trend with quarter backings in the USA is that each state is being represented. Each year coins are being made to have different designs and to have the year imbedded into the design. For example, on the Ohio quarter it has the year it became a US state right above the bird and it also has the year it was minted below the illustration. It’s really cool because all the states have a specific design that gives symbolic reference to each of the states individually. There is also designed quarter backings that show places within the US. For example, there is a quarter backing with an art illustration of Blue Ridge Park Way on it, which was the 2015 year quarter.

The different designs give me the passion to collect them, which I have been doing since freshmen year of high school. Some designs can have miss prints or errors within the designs which make them very rare, I enjoy looking for those too.

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