Piest Zwart

My final piece I am putting into Piet Zwarts portfolio is his project for Jan Wils. While he was working for Jan Wils as an architect he also helped her to create a logo for her architect company stationary. This piece was such an important part of his career because it was his first typographic work. Jan Wils herself was a big supporter of the De Stijl movement. The De Stijl movement emphasized an abstract, aesthetic appearance. The characteristics of the movement were bold, thick lines, geometric shapes, bright primary colors, and asymmetry. A lot of the pieces during this time resembled the cubism movement. Piets stationary piece for Jan Wils exemplified all of these characteristics just not color wise since it was a black and white focused piece. This was during a time when Piet Zwart loosely followed the ideas of De Stijl but soon after reverted to Russian Constructivism. Piet was never very fond of having to follow a set of rules but rather preferred creating his own.

I chose this stationary piece because of how simple yet intricate it is. I love being able to say that about design pieces but then indulging in it to analyze why it is in fact intricate and developed. I love geometric forms so seeing it in stationary was very exciting especially because I have never seen such a bold header before. I honestly do not really like the piece because of how chunky it is but i do respect it. Just thinking about a stationary paper being handed to someone the logo just seems too strong for the black thin paper. Because of how blunt the logo it it make the stationary piece look off balanced. I think it is really cool being able to separate a piece of a logo or the whole logo itself from its intended purpose and putting it onto another one. As a whole though the logo itself is so important because of how bold it is. Besides painting and the works of cubism I have not seen a logo quite like this. Of course I have seen geometric logos but not merely with as many interesting asymmetric lines and with as much boldness. That is why I enjoy this piece because of how unique it is.