Piest Zwart

The second piece I chose to put into Piet Zwarts portfolio is The Book of PTT he created for the Dutch Cable Manufacturing Company. This booklet was designed to show children how to use the Dutch postal system. This piece really shows and emphasizes Piets graphic design side. This book is so incredibly for its use of typography, photograms, collages, sketches, miniature models. There are so many elements that help make up this piece. Of course there have been many other projects that have used typography and all of those elements but not quite like this book. Piet has used typography in ways some others have not. There is geometry involved. Lines, patterns, circle all reminiscent of Russian Constructivism at the time even of De  Stijl. While he rejected the main ideas of the movement being the idea of certainty and factuality his work like this book often reflected the characteristics of it.

I honestly just really love this piece of work. Like I talked about in his biography this is one of the few graphic pieces I can flip through and feel joy. The book itself is for teaching children so it does a wonderful job at embracing that childlike element. The freedom of the typography within the book engages your curiosity making you want to flip through each page looking at each pages details. The bright primary colors emphasize the childlike toon along with the miniture robot models. So much care has been put into this book which is so evident by the hand crafted models and sketches found on each page.

The Book of PTT makes me want to put all of my time and energy into my future design projects. I want to create projects that will make people feel things like the happiness I feel when flipping through The Book of PTT.  I think it is really awesome being able to see a designers passion in there work and that is what I always what to communicate. My main reason for wanting to be a graphic designer is to make people feel things, to help teach them and to communicate my passion hoping I inspire others.