Steven Heller Man Bites Man

Steven Heller became a strong influence in graphic design starting at a young age and with no formal art education.  Man Bites Man was Heller’s first book of which he was also the editor.  This work is a conjunction of twenty-two cartoonists who were participating in the magazine industry during the early 1960’s, ” Leonard Maltin, reviewing Man Bites Man for the New York Times, called the text “lucid and evocative.””(“Steven Heller.”).

What makes this work special is that it is the first book published and edited by Steven Heller himself.  It is easy to find a very long list of books that Heller produced so the fact that this one is the first stands out.  Furthermore, with this book, he began to gather credibility as a writer.  The book features a discussion of the illustrators which is a testament to who Heller is as he is known putting the emphasis on the artist or designer giving them the due credit.



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