Ed Fella: Sweets Promotion

In the mid-1970’s Ed Fella was asked to make an ad for Sweets catalogue promotion. Sweets catalog was a modern catalog design that included artist covers and accessible information. The seventies were a time of funky colors and radical designs, so Ed Fellas designs blinded right in with the culture. His art did blend in, but it also had a unique way of standing out. Ed Fella often used an array of colors while also producing whimsical designs, for his typography. The promotion he created was an eye catcher. His 3-D letters gave the ad life; it brought the words off the page and into your face. He was a commercial artist, so he knew his goal for the art was to catch the person’s attention and draw them into what the ad was saying. He always tends to use vibrant colors. In this promotion he did use a lot of neutral colors like brown, gray, and black, but he also added his pop of green in it to give it character. Green was also known as Sweets catalog’s color. I personally love that the styles and trends of the seventies are making a comeback, from clothes to typography. This promotion also gives me a Great Gatsby vibe. The cover of The Great Gatsby also displays their letters in this 3-D facade. You could even say The Great Gatsby movie promotion was styled after some of Ed Fellas artwork. Ed Fellas artwork has influenced many artists when it comes to typography. From Ed Fellas use of color to his ability to give letters and words life. Many artists strive to be as intellectual as Ed Fella. Fella was most known for his commercial work, such as this one. He did not become recognized for his commercial art achievements until later in his life. I included this image in my Ed Fella collection to show the diversity to typography. Typography is an art of its own, because creating words and making art is difficult, but done right it can be magical. This image shows complexity to Ed Fella’s individual works. He is able to create serious ads, but also up beat and joyous ones also.

Ed Fella’s Sweets catalogue promotion, mid 1970s