Peter Saville – The Factory

Peter Saville – The Factory 1978

This project is a poster designed for Factory Records (THE FACTORY).  It features a icon of a man plugging his ears with the words, “use hearing protection”. Factory Records was one of the most influential and iconic collection of work Peter Saville was apart of. When you think of Peter Saville you think of his album cover art, and that all came to be because of his part in Factory Records. He was the head creative director and co-founder, so he had creative control over the entire brand. He was able to be free and experiment with his designs. I feel like this poster is very well done, with interesting qualities to it. The overall design follows Saville’s style of simplistic high contrast design. The bright yellow color makes the black pop, and attracts viewers eyes to it. The thin type in the white is where the main information of the poster is kept, but it disappears into the background due to the strong colors and bold black lines. I think this was purposeful in so that there can still be a lot of information in the poster, but not clutter the poster with too many visuals. I personally enjoy the overall aesthetic very much. The face is something that is iconic to the brand. The juxtaposition of two other faces adds a interesting dynamic to what could have been a very plain and simple icon. This addition is very successful in my opinion. This face made appearances in many other posters for the company, including Fac 51. In this case the client is very important to the Saville. This would be very important to keep in Peter Saville’s portfolio as a memoir to his influential career as creative director for Factory Records in where he made the most successful album cover art. If it wasn’t for Factory Records Peter Saville would not have the fame and influential outreach he has today, and it is important to keep a remembrance of where people come from. All of his design comes from his roots, and his roots is Factory Records, and Factory Records is this poster.