Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari. ABC Dada – 1944 mixed media


Bruno Munari devoted his life to transforming art. He thrived in keeping art refreshing. Not only did he write children’s book but he also found letter forms to be toys and tools, signs and objects. His piece called, ABC Dada is one of six major letter projects created during Munari’s six-decade career as an artist, mentor, and designer. Writing meant a great deal to Munari which meant the alphabet was just as significant. In his composition, ABC Dada, comprises of images devoted to the letters in the alphabet. This composition not only showcases letters in the alphabet but it displays his use of expressive vocabulary in the materials he used to create each letter. He used patterns, prints, objects, texture, fabric, and additional word verses that apply to each letter. This composition was substantial for Munari’s career because it showcased his methods of graphic design. It highlights his philosophies in various techniques and his unique way of creating. This piece was in fact created by accident. He was paid to create an alphabet book and when he was finished with the whole thing he had realized he created a real work of art. Munari emphasized how when designing, typically, one thing leads to another and that is what makes it so great. So, this alphabet book was his only copy which makes it even more unique and significant. ABC Dada finds a multitude of inspiration and reflection of who Bruno Munari is as a graphic designer and educator.