Victor Moscoso Neon Rose #2

This poster was created under Moscoso’s company, Neon Rose. Because he had control of the company, he had control of the work that was produced under it. For him, this meant complete artistic freedom, and he produced some of the most iconic images in the psychedelic era under the umbrella of Neon Rose. This poster in particular is the first psychedelic pin up that Moscoso had designed, and the first to carry the “Neon Rose” name. The poster was one of the more popular posters at the time, though it was only printed 3 times originally. This poster is a great example of what Moscoso was known for – vibrating colors. The poster is almost difficult to look at because of how vibrant and clashing the colors are together in this composition that is also meant to be an optical illusion. The poster does still have advertising purposes, however. The Miller Blues Band is advertised along the top of the poster following the contour lines created by the pin-up model. Like the Man with Spiral Glasses, the illustration style of the woman is done in two colors that are carefully placed to create realistic shadowing that still fits cohesively with the rest of the colors in the piece. This poster is the model of how Moscoso employed the idea of “tripping” on LSD into his posters to appeal to the hippie culture of the area at the time. These posters were a hit for this very reason. His message was not direct, as he had been taught formally in school, but instead was about making a statement and making something unique for the unique time period that Moscoso lived in. I personally really enjoy this poster, and think it would be extremely eye-catching in almost any environment. I understand the idea that advertising should be clear and concise, but this poster I can imagine would have everyone looking at it if it were to be hanging on a light post on a street corner. There is something extremely playful and mysterious about Moscoso’s use of color and form that would make anyone want to know more regardless of the content of the poster.

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