Giovanni Pintori advertising Giovanni Pintori Olivetti Poster 1949

When Giovanni Pintori graduated from the Higher Institute of Artistic Industries and almost immediately afterward, he was asked to join the advertisement team at the Olivetti typewriter manufacturing company. After working for Olivetti’s advertising department for a while he was promoted to art director in 1950. While he worked with Olivetti, he created many beautiful, successful posters as well as advertising campaigns, print, and exhibitions. Pintori was the master instigator and executor of the original Olivetti graphic design reputation across the world. Under Pintori’s direction, the advertising design of corporate branding became well known and Olivetti became a globally recognized company. His work was a strong inspiration to whom, during the 50’s, in the USA, begin to think about the idea of corporate design. This body of work was Pintori’s first big advertising campaign. His use of geometric shapes, bright basic colors, simple shapes and forms, and minimalistic design. The designs range from abstract to simplified representations of the functionality of the typewriters. Pintori’s work with Olivetti was iconic and his most popular work. It established the brand identity of Olivetti and made it a well-known company all over the world. This poster in particular is amazing because he uses numbers of different sizes and colors cluttered in the background and the redesigned Olivetti logo small in the middle. The poster gives the impression that the Olivetti is a brand that is coming forward through a jumble of complexity in the modern world, which is a challenge that graphic designers face every day. I really love this poster because it does an amazing job at making a composition that is complex balanced by color and there is just enough contrast between the name and the background. The background creates a pattern that is not flat, it is very dynamic and interesting to look at. The use of bright colors is playful and reminds me of the colors of building block toys children play with. The poster is interesting enough to intrigue the viewer to search a little for the information. This makes the interaction with the design much more entertaining and memorable because there is a reward.