Data Driven Design

NCSU Design Library

The reason this book caught my eye was because of how different it was than the other books typically found in the design library. Many of the books in the design library try their best to set themselves apart from the rest whether it be by shape, color, texture etc. However, this one has a very plain look by sporting a white background with a very minimalist illustration and bland typography. While I do enjoy the playfulness involved in the overlapping thinly stroked circles, I don’t feel as though it makes up for the lack of personality found in the typography. For a book with “design” in the title I would expect something more appealing in terms of thoughtful design. The font chosen looks almost like a default font from a dropdown menu and has an awkward leading between the author to title to subtitle. Upon further inspection, I found the book to actually be quite interesting and well-thought out but I wish it was better able to convey that on the outside.