Bad Typography, Good Intentions

Taken by Sarafina Kamara in Downtown Raleigh

As I assume we are all graphic designers, I am sure this poster makes us cringe beyond belief. I wanted to include this in the ‘Wild Design’ assignment to bring to the light the important role us graphic designers have—to prevent designs like these from existing. Overall the aesthetic is below sub-par, the text leading is quite tight, and the black and white bars are not adding anything to the overall piece and in fact clutter the composition—rather than create contrast, as I assume that was the original purpose. Now rather than tear this poster to shreds, I do see some—very loosely, but nonetheless—attempts at creating hierarchy and an interesting visual ‘story’. Whoever made this understood that somethings needed to stand out, so they did this by making some text bold, and having the title be the biggest element, as well as the ‘fine print’ be the smallest text on the page—they clearly understand some very basic graphic design conventions of which I do applaud. They also start to play with the imagery and having the title within the crown emblem. This poster is the very definition of a so-called Microsoft Word graphic designer. A suggestion I would have would be to perhaps add column labels of some sort—because at first glance it is not obvious what the text is conveying; I first thought the numbers were times but then figured out they were date because of the format. As a graphic designer, this piece could use a lot of work—but as an untrained Microsoft Word designer, this is a good basic start to create something with visual hierarchy.