Publix Water

I was looking through the beverage section at Publix when suddenly I was captivated by the design of the Publix water gallons. This simple but elegant design truly jumps out at the shopper. One thing that I truly appreciate about these water gallons is the ergonomic shape and handle of the containers, allowing for the water gallons to easily be carried and shipped wherever I please. Furthermore, I appreciate the high quality plastic that is used to hold the water, allowing me to reuse these containers and eliminate waste from our monumental landfills. Nevertheless, not everything about this design choice has held up to my expectations. For example, what was a quick shopping trip at Publix quickly transformed into a burdensome decision as the different variety and colors of water brought me stress that I haven’t felt since my last exams. To sum this all up, now there is one of each gallon sitting in my fridge right now. I cannot praise Publix’s marketing team any better…

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  • Kevin Dao 04/05/2018 on 8:47 PM

    Indeed, as a water lover, the Publix branded water gallons are a truly magnificent sight to behold. The bright colors represent the freshness of the water, and there are different colors to differentiate between water types. The bottles are perfectly aligned on the store shelves. The dot in the “i” contains the Publix logo. There was clearly a lot of thought put into the appearance of the bottles and the organization within the store. I wonder normal customers recognize the amazing design of these bottles? Even though these water gallons are priced at less than a dollar, their high-quality display and materials makes them worth so much more.

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