Katherine McCoy – Chicago Bears HQ

Caption: Katherine McCoy, Chicago Bears Headquarters, Chicago, 1999


Post: This logo is located outside of the headquarters for the Chicago Bears football team. This signage was designed by Katherine McCoy and it was commissioned by the Chicago Bears, who are a National Football League team based out of Chicago. The sign was designed to be located outside of the headquarters for the Chicago Bears football team, located in Chicago at 1000 Football Drive. This work is important in telling the story of Katherine McCoy because it shows how her education in industrial graphic design and corporate identity work together to form stunning graphic design and architectural work. The background for the sign is the same type of stone as the building behind it is made out of. This design choice by McCoy shows how her education in industrial design influences her work. By choosing to match the background of the sign to the building it represents, McCoy is tying together the sign and the headquarters through design choices. In addition, McCoy’s choice to make the sign relatively simple shows her focus on corporate identity. The sign itself is very simplistic and only includes the name of the football team, the Chicago bears, as well as the first line of the address of the headquarters. By choosing to make the sign simplistic, McCoy is taking the corporate identity of the football team into account. While the logo does not contain any football related symbols, it gives all the necessary information needed to identify the building and who occupies it. I enjoy this sign and the design behind it because I feel as if it emphasizes Katherine McCoy’s educational past in corporate identity as well as in industrial design. I enjoy that the sign matches the building, however it is classy and not overly flashy. I like that it does not contain excess information and tells the viewer exactly the right amount of information needed to identify the building, as well as the address. I feel as if the classy yet modern design of the sign helps to brand the Chicago Bears as a classy yet modern team, with a focus on simplistic styles.