Tokyo, Japan

For my design in the wild I chose an advertisement for Cafe-Co Daikanyama. It is a cafe I visited in Japan last summer.  To me it was a typical cafe but the aura of it was different. The cafe was very  “chill” and “open,” very “welcoming.” In a blunt way it was like the hippy cafe of Japan. The advertisement for the cafe has bolded text and very flashy magenta and red-orange tones, with popping yellow. The color scheme is very bright and airy which is very reminiscent of Japan’s advertising style. Very up-beat and eye attracting. The cafes advertisement color scheme is not why I picked it though. I picked it because the the image of the women. What is so striking about it is how her breasts are showing. Even the position of her body is sexualizing her. In America there are no advertisements like this on the sides of the streets plastered on buildings. Tokyo, Japan is much more open and liberal then America so I loved seeing this advertisement because of how off putting it is to a degree. I enjoy seeing design which I am unfamiliar with because it makes it very exciting for me and makes me think.

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  • Steven Dye 03/25/2018 on 1:49 PM

    Hey Emma, I was also surprised by the image of this piece as well. It is not every day that you would see a bare-breasted lady on a public advertisement in America, but Japan culture is different from ours. Despite the difference in culture, I curious to know how often one might see a nude figure in public advertisement. The colors presented in the image are warm and welcoming suggesting that it is a safe environment to enjoy your espresso.

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