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  • Rachel Hawkins 03/20/2018 on 10:46 PM

    It Is interesting to think about the graphic design aspect of sports, and specifically basketball. As part of the bracket design, you mention the horizontal lines and right angles, describing them as causing such a wide range of emotions. The reason those lines and angles cause such a wide range of emotions is because people know what they represent, thus giving them great meaning. In the lens of graphic design, this means that March Madness brackets are a good use of “Index.” The Index is generally an image that is not completely abstract from the meaning, but isn’t quite literal. The image of a bracket, the lines and angles, is connotative of March Madness. The branding is done so well during this time, and advertised so much that they don’t require wording symbols to describe what the brands mean. Most people would be able to understand that the brackets indicate March Madness, especially if the same colors are consistently used.

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