Palace of Versailles

The location I choose was the Palace of Versailles. I traveled to this location over the recent spring break.  One of the first aspects about the location was symmetrical placement of the windows and door ways of the palace.  Additionally, to the palace was the gardens behind it, these gardens were very well designed with artistic features as well as functional aspects.  The designer chooses to add the designs in the grass as well as the mini trees surrounding it.  I believe the designers choose to do this so the grass would match the importance of being at one of the nicest palaces in all of Europe.  Another feature used was the gold figures used in the fountain.  These gold figures were designed to show the power of the French government and a way to show the wealth of the government.  My reaction to this space was that it was very well planned out.  Every aspect of how you could walk from path to path effortlessly seeing new designs each place you look.  I also found it interesting how different types of grass and bushes were used to design the location.  For example, the grass was used to have the designs cut out of it but mini trees were used to surround it.  I also like the designers use of the parallel lines for the walk ways they were all parallel with each other and made for a great looking garden area.  If I could have improved this in any way I would say to include more art work of sculptures or designs on the outer edges of the gardens because they were really lacking in things too look at out there.  Once at the edges the only aspects to observe were the aspects you just walked by getting the outer edges because there was nothing on the outer edges.  The palace being as old as it is I would say it has great design aspects and it looks like a very well planned out and designed location.