Car GPS Navigation System

The navigation system in my car is fairly easy to use as long as the address is already in the car. If I add in an address that isn’t currently in the system it takes a minute because I have to go through many different settings and screens to start the navigation which then I’ll usually put the address in my phone and use Google Maps or Apple Maps instead. The GPS gave clear direction on where I was supposed to go. It is also connected to my sound system through the Bluetooth feature which also helped navigate me in the right direction because it didn’t require me looking at the screen while driving I could just listen instead and glance when needed. I didn’t get lost on along the way mainly because it was a straight shot to my destination but even if I did take a wrong turn and get lost the GPS would reroute and put me back on track. If I wasn’t familiar with the area I would probably have some doubt because I put in a specific location and it was taking me a long way or to places way out of the area to get there I would question whether I was going in the right direction. It would be different if I was in an area that I knew nothing about because then I wouldn’t have a reason to question or doubt the GPS because I wouldn’t have prior knowledge about the area. I never wondered where I was going because I put in the location I wanted to go to and I trusted that the GPS was taking me to the correct location. The designers chose to use specific colors to keep the user on track. For example, with my GPS my direction is guided by a little red arrow and main roads around me are marked by a green line. The designers also made the picture on the GPS look realistic in a way to show the surroundings which help the user see they are in the right place. For example, with my GPS as you can see the blue is Lake Johnson and the green is the grass and it also shows the road that I was taking to go to my destination. Overall, my navigation system in my car works well for me and the places I need to go so I can’t really pinpoint any issues or suggestions for improvement