The Belted Goat

For my chosen space design I am using a restaurant from Fearrington Village in Pittsboro North Carolina. The restaurant is called the Belted Goat. To give some context the restaurant is in a village where there is a bed and breakfast, and weddings are incredibly common. There is a giant beauty bar there and a lovely spa. The restaurants are also lovely and are well known in the food industry. Then there is a giant farm and garden. A common theme in the village is black and white, everything in luxury. The farm has only black and white cows, chickens and goats. That theme carries heavily into the restaurants especially my chosen one the Belted Goat.

Even before you walk in the restaurant has a stone patio leading up to it and the building exterior is all white wood slacks. As soon as you walk in you walk in you are hit with sand colored wood, white smooth tabletops, and sleek black accents with pops of green helping to bring through the farm theme. The lighting in the room is natural, bright light pouring from the huge windows mounted on the wall. All of which look out onto a garden waterfall. Just stepping into the restaurant makes me feel refreshed elegant. The racks of wine also have that effect. They scream sophistication which is realistic because the village the restaurant is in, is upper class and the residents tend to be on the older side and retired. The restaurant pulls you away from the weather outside whether it is raining, or snowing, or sticky hot it brings you into to a new dimension.

To communicate this idea and freshness and elegance the restaurant uses sleek, simplistic colors like black and white. All of the textures are smooth to the touch. It is an elegant restaurant but designers purposely brought in elements of green to show the farm and garden side of the village. They incorporate it through the green chalk on the menu boards and though having live plants on countertops and pots of grass on the tabletops. Having the earthy elements is very  inviting and welcoming.