Design Fellowship Poster, Excellent Design!

This Design Fellowship poster immediately caught my eye when I was walking down the stairs leaving Brooks Hall. The use of color in this poster was the first thing that stood out to me and was what grabbed my attention. Placed on top of the dark grey background, the yellow to coral gradient popped out and so did the cut-away white typography which is the only use of white on the poster. At first I thought the yellow to coral gradient was a brush stroke and was just a decoration, but upon further inspection I realized that it was a book and the stroke quality is the pages of the book. This point of view of the book is an interesting take and makes it become a unique visual element rather than a literal translation of what a book is. This makes the viewer believe that Chronicle books is looking for a specific type of designer for the fellowship that can emulate this style. I also appreciated the use of scale between the typographic elements as the main title text is primary to the subdued secondary text seen in the corners of the poster. The secondary text follows the gradient established in the book in the background which makes it flow down the poster. This flow, I feel, forces the viewer to follow the reading pattern of the book which starts with the cutout white text and top yellow gradient down the page to the content about the positions available and internship. I am not a big fan of the text changing colors because it makes it harder for me to read and harder to read in a linear way but I believe that it reinforces the curve of the book pages which is an interesting quality. The right aligned text at the top of the poster also reinforces the shape of the book cover as it creates a strong horizontal line down in a similar manner as the book cover. From the fresh visual depiction of a book as a background element to the trendy gradient use to the bold typography successfully paired with a smaller sans serif typeface, I am very taken with this poster and the more I inspected it the more I was able to make sense of it and appreciate it.