Inspiration in Personal Brand Development

As I approach the end of my college career and enter the professional world, I realize that as a communication major it is necessary to develop a branded portfolio that represents my personal “brand.” Since my focus will be on digital and social media strategy, I need to collect and develop examples of writing as well as digital design and compile it into a website that includes thought leadership as well. This is can be overwhelming to take on so I have been looking to the Adobe Spark inspiration gallery and blog to begin to develop ideas about how my personal brand will look and feel. This post is one that really struck a chord with me as it is a combination of both modern and classic design elements while still being very simple and clean. The image itself is fairly standard, but the designer utilized filters and colors to make it stand out. The cut-out styling of the text in blocks with a simple font resembles the styling of posters from the mid to late 20th century designers. Overall, it is a simple image that still manages to catch your attention which is what I hope to embody in my personal brand and why it is an inspiration piece for me.