Gills Sans

Gills Sans was designed by the artist Eric Gills, who apprenticed under Edward Johnston, in 1928.

Gills Sans has been popular every since Eric Gills released the font in 1928. Part of the reason I was drawn to the font was because it was designed by an artist. Like Eric Gills, who studied at London’s Central School of Arts and Crafts, I was lead to design through the study of art. I think it is because of this artistic background that Gills Sans has its own vibrant and friendly personality that is so different from other sans serif fonts, and yet it is just as effective and legible. I think that I am like this font in that I like to let my own artistic and personal touch go into the things I create, while still following the rules and conventions of design. I like my work to have its own friendly character, that reflects my own character, whether it is through bright colors or hand drawn additions.

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