Mostra Nuova Alt A Bold

Designed by Mark Simonson in 2009, Mostra Nuova Alt A Bold was based on a style of lettering seen on Italian Art Deco posters and advertising of the 1930s. Although it’s very geometric, he made subtle optical adjustments to keep it from looking too severely mechanical. He first released it in 2001 as Mostra, a caps-only design. Mostra Nuova has more weights, better language support, and lowercase letters. It features dozens of alternate characters providing endless stylistic possibilities within the basic design, from fairly plain to quite stylized.

Mostra Nuova Alt A Bold really says Harrison Lyman well. I am more of a minimalist (san-serif please) who loves geometric shapes. (Only if I were spelling out my full birth name “Harrison Franklin Lyman III” would I consider serifs). Although many of my letters fall right in line with what one might expect, you will quickly pick up on my sides that are unapologetically outside the mold and straight up wacky with precision. I am a tall font and have a bold personality. I could be seen on an Art Deco advertisement poster, from where I draw a lot of inspiration, selling you your favorite drink weather it be coffee or bitters.