Gloss Drop

Glass Drop—Phospho Type Foundry, 2015.

Gloss Drop—Phospho Type Foundry, 2015.

Gloss Drop is a script typeface that resembles my expressive and passionate nature. Its unexpected rhythm and movement portrays my free spirit when I paint (or on the dance floor). I find this typeface to follow very few rules and additionally has my craving for creativity and freedom. Gloss Drop was designed by Roland Hörmann in 2015 and is described on the foundry website as a “wild hand-lettered typeface.” This spontaneous vibrancy of Hörmann’s brush lettering, embraces sparks of madness that reflects my amorphous identity. Gloss Drop’s irregularities and rigidness also has an inherent dynamic and lively spirit. Similar to much of my visual work, this typeface’s beauty is illuminated through context.