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meMichael Bissinger

Michael Bissinger is an adjunct assistant professor at NC State, where he has taught for the last nine years. During this time, he’s had the great pleasure of serving within the departments of Art + Design, Industrial Design, and the First Year Experience. In addition to teaching at NCSU, he has taught graphic design full time within the visual arts department at St. Augustine’s University for the last four years.

Those opportunities have not only afforded him a chance to work within a variety of contexts and with a wide range of subject matter, but, perhaps more importantly, they have allowed him to work with students from a myriad of backgrounds and with divergent viewpoints, skill sets, and a wide range of desires and goals relative to their study of design.

Mike’s two most long-standing passions are design and education.While teaching design allows him to pursue them both simultaneously, he still enjoys having time to focus on them individually  in a variety of ways from tutoring children to experimenting with manipulatives for mathematical education and toys to help improve spatial reasoning.

Michael can be reached at mrbissin@ncsu.edu