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Our Body: The Universe Within

01/13/2019 – 7:00 pm |

Dates: October 27, 2018 – March 31, 2019
Recurrence: Recurring daily
Venue: Triangle Town Center Commons
Location: North Raleigh
Address: 3791 Sumner Blvd., Unit 3791-130, Raleigh, NC 27616
Phone: 312.980.0393
Times: Sun.-Thurs., 10am-7pm; Fri.-Sat., 10am-10pm
Admission: Adults, $17; children, $15; senior, student and military, $15

Our Body: The Universe Within is …

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Commonality Sydney Keskinen

05/05/2019 – 10:03 pm |

The commonality here is hot water in the summer. In the video, the subject takes a sip of water to find it is hot and undrinkable, and the product to solve this problem is an insulated water bottle. You can find the video here:

05/04/2019 – 12:56 pm |

Many people have experienced difficulty in falling asleep. This commercial revolves around the feelings of not being able to find sleep even as you try. You toss and you turn and you try your best, …

Final Commonality Commercial

05/04/2019 – 10:03 am |

Everyone has experienced a moment when they’ve been in a public space and their stomach has growled or made a weird noise.  Awkward, right?  What better way to calm your hunger and solve that problem …

How Far Would You Go For An Oreo!

05/04/2019 – 7:53 am |

In this commercial, commonality is used to help sell a box of Oreos. The commonality that is used is dropping food on the floor and then deciding on it if its still worth eating – …

Eva’s Commonality Commercial

05/04/2019 – 12:00 am |

For my commonality commercial I decided that while the inconveniences and frustrations of daily life can be very relatable and tends to be what the average person focuses on, I wanted to disrupt that narrative …

Commonality Commercial

05/03/2019 – 11:52 pm |

In my VoiceThread suggestions, I was told to add a product to sell–I intended to add a Lyft advertisement, but I ran out of time. I was also asked to change my character completely, which …

Netflix Pix: Shelby Saboo

05/03/2019 – 11:37 pm |

This commercial is for an app/program that will help you choose which show to watch on Netflix. It will help you enjoy time with friends or family without spending hours scrolling through Netflix. My persuasive …

Commonality Commercial

05/03/2019 – 11:16 pm |

So for my commonality commercial, I chose to base it on the commonality that cell phones never seem to keep their charge. It seems like they are always on low battery and always die at …

Gaven’s Commonality – “Making Eyes”

05/03/2019 – 11:14 pm |

This video is an ad for sunglasses. The commonality is getting flirtatious eyes from someone in a public place! My after effects was being problematic towards the end, so I was unable to add a …

Commonality Commercial

05/03/2019 – 11:03 pm |

In this commercial, I’m selling hot cocoa. The idea is that the person is cold, and despite putting on layers and layers of clothes, they’re still freezing, but just one cup of the cocoa completely …

05/03/2019 – 10:54 pm |

For my commercial I decided to address the commonality of using your phone as an excuse to avoid social interaction, usually in a group of strangers or at an event where you don’t know anybody. …