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The Whole Forest Symphony

Symphony, as defined in Webster dictionary, is the consonance or harmony of color. Its synonyms are balance, symmetry, harmony, unity, which are the design elements that we learned about in the first few weeks of our class. So as a world language teacher, what does the ‘symphony’ thinking skill means to me? Standards for Foreign […] ...

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CRP Session 3: Story

SELF-PERCEPTION The comparison between what I am learning about creativity and what I have learned about Art are almost impossible to distinguish.  Of course, there are different angles in the respective fields of study, but the outcomes are very similar.  As we progress through this course, it is becoming clearer to me what it is […] ...

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Must consider sound effects !!!

I felt pretty good after I completed the Shoe Story even though it seemed like it was a painful experience battling with one of  SoundCloud’s links to be embedded on the post.  I was pleased with the purity and cleanness of the audio which matches the student who was doing the storytelling. But after the […] ...

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A shoe story …. not that shoe story….

Bring to you live from Chapel Hill, here is Wesley….. and the Shoe story <enter commercial break> <return from commercial break> Interviewer: Vanessa (genuinely interested in the subject) Interviewee: Wesley (a 3rd year Media Studies student) Recording device: iphone5 Tech-tools used: GarageBand – (my Audacity was not working at the time) I edited out some of […] ...

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Reflection on design

I usually consider a job well-done when my mom tells me I did a good job. The design project was no different and I’m proud to say that she was happy with the outcome and and even gave me advice for changes I may want to make. Thanks, Mom. Going into this project I felt […] ...

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Ooops! I did it again…..  (・_・;) I wandered into the kitchen to get a snack, and was completely distracted by the surrounding dots, lines, planes, shapes, and textures….  Not a moment wasted, I started snapping with my iPhone. What just happened here? The kitchen did not change. In fact, I haven’t cleaned it up for […] ...

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