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Syllabus 2013

Consider the Syllabus to be a road map, one that we’ll use to guide our journey this semester.

There is a framework about the courseworks and info about your instructor and how to reach me. Expectations and guarantees from the University and myself in the form of policies. And a schedule and due dates for work to be completed.

There are also outcomes for the course. A wise teacher, Dave Cormier, often argues that outcomes/goals/objectives tend to limit the learning and that much of the value of the journey comes from the unintended consequences or what you learn along the way.

I began this course design with the outcomes for growth in your creative, literate, and professional selves and crafted projects and activities to provide the experiences that might best give you the freedom and space and structure to reach those outcomes. But, I have also built in lots of options for choices — for you to modify a project or even design a new one that fits what you want to learn more perfectly.

I encourage you to make the most of these options to craft this course into one that best serves your personal resonance, intellectual curiosity, and purposeful relevance. Create your own path.





Sessions and Schedule

Reflective Assessment Process

Critical Reflection

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