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avatars search for the perfect shoes

Meredith’s and Preference’s quest for the perfect shoes! Check out the fur and bling.                                                             January 17 — Introductions and Avatar Makeovers











Fire in foreground on dark night

Photo shoot in Second Life — Jenn’s shot of fire at the Temple of Learning                                                                                 January 24 — Design and Photography

Two avatars with heads drooped down.

Was class that boring? Just kidding. Snapped this during the video. Gotta remember to teach how to turn off “sleep” function.                                                                                                     January 31 — Design and Photography Projects

Avatars sit around Bookhenge firepit

“The future is already here; it’s just not very evenly distributed” — William Gibson       February 7 — Story and Audio











Joanne in cat in hat hat

It’s not hard to be serious if you forget you’re wearing a Cat-in-the-Hat hat 😉                                                               February 14th — More Story and Audio

Image of Hello Kitty doll in rocket shot into space by middle schooler

Middle schooler’s video tells story about her science project on high altitude pressure that lifts Hello Kitty into space and drops her down again. “Best time in history to be a storyteller?” inspired by Bryan Alexander’s “Best time in history to be learner.”                                                          February 21 — More Story and Audio (Prep for Radio Programs)

Image of Carl Sagan on PPT slide for Google Hangout

“This Creative Life” Radio Program spotlighted creative collaboration.                                                                              February 28 — “This Creative Life” Radio Program











Image of rainbow-dolphin on the screen in the Bookhenge

Courtney’s synetics-inspired rainbow dolphin is making a big splash in the Bookhenge.                        March 14 — Metaphor and Audio Slideshow












Photo of Google Hangout with Jenn's video on the screen

Class admires beautiful effect created by Jenn’s books and rainbow synetic mash-up.   March 21 — Metaphor Projects

Meredith is in large screen of Google Hangout as she intros her video self-portrait

Meredith introduces her video self-portrait of her creative life. April 4 — Empathy Projects








Jenn with halo in center and others wearing halos or devil ears

“Speaking in Tongues” is an activity Stephen Brookfield recommends for learning to think critically. And we would add to think creatively, too, since empathy is a bridge between critical thinking and creativity.       April 11 — Intro to Meaning Aptitude


Quote on creativity by Steve Jobs

Chance favors the connected mind.–Steven Johnson’s recycled Louis Pasteur quote — via Courtney’s video            April 18 — Meaning Projects / Bookcasts








Buffy and Edward images

Copyright and open licensing through Creative Commons are huge part of discussion of mashups and remixing.       April 25 — Creative Activism

Class Group Shot on Google Plus

Class Group Shot made in Google Plus — graduation picture!  May 2 — Our Shared Journey


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