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Virtual Bookshelf

For recommended books for the Roots and Wings Project and for independent reading, check out the Bookhenge Bookshelf Please suggest more by joining the Bookhenge Group . . . (Note that I can’t seem to embed the Bookhenge Group’s shelf but will mirror it on my personal Bookhenge Shelf).

For online resources, including articles, blogs, websites . . . check out our Creative Inquiry ScoopIt.

Recommended Newsletters / or Sites to Watch

  • Brain Pickings — Weekly updates on the latest in the arts and sciences. Maria Popova is one of the Web’s most fascinating curators, a “curator of interestingness” she calls herself.
  • The Creativity Post — “Quality Content on Creativity, Innovation, and Imagination”
  • Science Friday — For Science geeks and anyone interested in upping their science literacy. The geeky-charming Ira Flatow is the host. Sign up for newsletter for preview of week’s program.
  • Explore – A discovery engine for meaningful knowledge, fueled by interdisciplinary curiosity
  • The Data Visualization –Daily cool explorations of data

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