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Projects: Roots & Wings

Marc Aronson, well-know author and historian, recommends that we begin any inquiry with “deep reading” about our topic. Even before beginning to follow-up on Internet searches, it makes sense to find a book on the topic and drink first from the deep fountain. This deep reading helps you build a foundation on which to scaffold additional knowledge and understandings. Aronson calls these books “anchor books.” I’d like to suggest another metaphor, “roots and wings. Roots signify that the knowledge runs deep and grounds the reader while wings give the reader the power to soar beyond the author’s knowledge and theory to create new knowledge and new theory.

I’ve created a Virtual Bookshelf with recommended books on creativity and digital storytelling. Your mission is to choose one of these or suggest another (you can join Shelfari and our Course Group there to add books you’d like to read) and create not a book report but a bookcast or response to the book. The response should be a video that tells the story of your transaction with the book and what roots or knowledge you gained that has inspired new roots or new theory or ideas or questions you will carry into your creative inquiry this semester and beyond. You may choose to join with two colleagues to create a book club to read, meet to discuss, and together produce a video response.

Here’s a bookcast inspired by a Young Adult novel, Bones of a Fairie by Janni Lee Simner. This was Lara’s first video and she won top honors in NC State’s Campus Movie Fest in the Drama Category. Lara’s video went on to be screened at the regional and national Campus Movie Fests.

Here’s a collaborative bookcast inspired by Deborah Heiligman’s nonfiction Young Adult book, Charles and Emma, about Charles and Emma Darwin.

And, lastly, a collaborative bookcast to a graphic novel by Shaun Tan which has a very appropriate theme — the challenges of being an immigrant in a new world. In this case, a digital one.

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