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Projects: Creative Journey

ECI 509, Creative Inquiry is just one step along your creative journey.

But, hopefully, it can serve as a refreshing pit stop.

Over the course of the semester, you’ll keep a creativity log in which you will periodically check-in to critically reflect on where you arek, what you’re learning, and how you’re feeling about what you’re learning about creativity in general and your own creativity in specific. You begin this log with your first blog post on your first two-weeks on The Daily Create, post biweekly for each session, and then culminate your inquiry with a documentary about your journey and where it’s taken you this semester. This video will be shared during the last Studio Time.

I encourage you to explore various ways of engaging in critical reflection. I’ve shared ideas about multimedia blogging using images, audio, and/or video files. It seems to me that someone who enjoys drawing may also like to prepare a Sharpie Doodles throughout the semester to record his creative journey. Learn more about Sharpie Doodles . . .

Thanks to Cathi Phillips of DELTA for the Sharpie Doodle for our course.
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