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Projects: Empathy

5 star rating

A Creative Life

Submitted by Cris Crissman

Inspired by Sophie Blackall’s Handmade Portraits

Create a documentary on someone in your everyday world who lives creatively. Try to expand the concept of creativity beyond creating art to living creatively and artfully.  Considering the “4Cs of Creativity” may be helpful.  Share the story of what this creative life looks like.

Project Specs:

  • Consider an individual who lives his life with an obviously creative approach. Plan how you might like to tell their story in video and pitch the idea to him. If this is someone you know well, then a simple conversation will do. If it’s more of a formal relationship then you and he may feel better if you explain your project in writing.
  • Arrange a time to meet with the person to brainstorm where and when you’d like to interview them. You could plan on videotaping the interview and then videotaping the individual at work, engaged in creating. Then you’ll have the voiceover and b-roll video to cover.
  • Edit the video, upload to YouTube (or similar service) and post to your blog with reflections on the process and product.
  • Consider sharing the link with your creative with a thank-you.
  • Tag projectgallery, empathycreativelife

Though Sophie is creative in the conventional sense, I chose her video because the style works so well to see her world through her eyes and hear her voice. There’s also a strong sense of empathy and cultivating empathy for a better community and world.

5 star rating

360 It!

Submitted by: Cris Crissman

Inspired by: A Day That Shook the World

Challenge: Global executive director, John Jay, has described empathy as the “root of creativity.” To be able to view a situation from the perspective of another is impossible but the very effort engenders understanding. A Day That Shook the World presents some of the most era-defining and pivotal events of modern history. We are there from the Wright Brothers’ first flight to Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon. Choose an event from history and tell the story — the whole story — as completely as you can in less than 5 minutes.

Variation on this theme:  You could also 360 an issue.

Project Specs:

  • Choose an event that compells you to want to learn more.
  • Use historical media if possible. Unfortunately, the British Pathe Film Archive allows only use of its videos and stills within classroom environments (actual or virtual) so we cannot remix but the American Memory Collection is a fantastic source of historical materials. There is a disclaimer that the Library of Congress does not own the material and to respect any copryights.
  • Edit creatively to encourage new insights into different perspectives.
  • Upload your video to YouTube or a similar service.  Publish to your blog along with reflections on your process and product.
  • Tag projectgallery, empathy360

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