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Elementary: On the Sleuth for Design Elements

Submitted by: Cris Crissman

Inspired by: DS 106’s Design Element Safari

Challenge: Create a model that represents the elements of design. Popular ones may be a “Design Element Safari” or a set of “Design Trading Cards” featuring any objects. Or create your own model — one that helps you learn about the elements and reflects what you’ve learned.  Clarification:  Yes, you must make your photographs.  You can contextualize them in a story, nonfiction or fiction, or in any other interesting way.

Project Specs:

  • You may use St. Clair’s elements or mix and match from other sources as you come to understand these elements and how they interplay.
  • Design this model so that the elements are clearly distinguishable.
  • Use any visual medium you prefer.
  • Post your elements to your blog. Be sure to categorize as “projectgallery” and tag “design” and “designelements”
  • Add a reflection about how you completed this challenge and what you learned from it — both design-wise and technically

Here’s an exemplar of how to present your project and include reflections on your process . . . AI and Design Theory.  Don’t miss in the Comments, Michael Branson Smith’s brilliant riff on my humble design — which he accomplished on his iPhone!

James B. Hunt, Jr. Library


5 star rating

Tableau Vivant

Submitted by Cris Crissman

Inspired by: Life of Pi Re-creation

Challenge: “Re-create” a well-known visual (photo/ad/painting or frame from a movie). Learn more about this fascinating form of art photography — Tableau Vivant.

Project Specs:

  • Choose a prominent visual from a photo/ad/painting or a frame from a TV show or ad or movie.
  • Use props and actors to recreate the scene to the degree possible.

Life of Pi Re-creation

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