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When I was thinking about what to use for Harmony the first thing that came into my mind was the Bell Tower.  I like how all the lines and shapes are designed for the one thing and move your eye along it so that it leads up.



Variety was something that I was stumped on honestly till I took the bus to campus so I could take pictures.  I noticed the texture of the fabric first with my hand before looking at all the dramatic lines and colors that gave it a very unique appearance.



For Balance I had a couple of other ideas but like Variety the inspiration come on my way to photograph something else.  Actually what is interesting is that I am slightly obsessed with manhole covers.  I was obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and how they lived in the sewer so on my way over I stopped to take a picture of the manhole.  I was stuck by the balance of the lines and aside from some of the text if you divide it in half at any point the manhole would be perfectly symmetrical.



I think this might be my favorite picture.  I was stuck on some of the others but I honestly had no idea what I was going for this one. If I hadn’t stopped to just enjoy how nice the weather was I would have never seen these trash cans. It was also on the way to photograph this that I found the manhole I used in balance. Look at the way the yellow sticks and demonstrates it takes different stuff than the other ones.



I was directly inspired by Dr Crissman’s rhythm post with this one.  I saw the pattern repeated on the new library and thought about the repetitious nature of the buildings in my apartment complex.



This is simple but effective in my mind.  With one line that curves the bike rack draws the eye along a visual roller coaster slowing down as you go up and speeding up as you drop down.



I was initially going to do a patterned hand towel from my kitchen and even kept that picture in reserve just in case but I thought the repeat of the different shaped windows spaced evenly apart was a nice pattern and more tangible pattern for the eye.



I was concerned about being able to find Graduation when brainstorming more than some of the other ones. I felt confident of finding ready examples of the other ones if I looked enough but I thought this one might be a little difficult to find naturally. Little did I know that I would find the answer right under my feet.



This was another favorite photo of mine.  I think in part because I created it from scratch.  I thought about the way the different size bottle climb in size and how even though there was no plan it looks like the size increases gradually and seems to do it by a formula.

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