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Playshop 6: Empathy

It may seem a stretch to consider empathy as an element of creativity. “Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes” may take imagination but is that creativity?

Essential Questions:
What is empathy?
What is the relationship between empathy and creativity?
How can empathy lead to the revolution of human relationships that we need?

Roman Krznaric in his TED Talk gives his take on these questions.

Learn more about Krznaric’s thinking on empathy on his blog, in his book, Wonderbox: Curious Histories of How We Live (see our Shelfari Virtual Bookshelf), and on his “Empathy Page: Join the Empathy Revolution in Five Easy Steps.”

Krznaric distinguishes between affective or mirrored empathy and cognitive or perspective-taking empathy.   Adichie’s concept of “the single story” is a powerful one for understanding perspective-taking.

Finally, learn how Ben Weinlick sees the creative element of empathy being played out in creative fields of work. And global executive creative director, John Jay, describes empathy as “the root of creativity.”

For additional sources on empathy, see this ScoopIt: Cultivating Empathy.

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