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Playshop 3: Story

“Transmedia” has become the new buzzword for multi-platform narratives, but in the digital age, transmedia isn’t just how we consume entertainment narratives, it’s how we experience the narrative of our lives.’ — SocialCreature.com

Essential Questions:

What is the power of story?
How might story be evolving in a digital age?
How can I learn to tell compelling stories?

We are not only drawn to narrative but we live in narrative and now, in the digital age, the narrative of our lives transcends the actual to the virtual. We are not only consuming digital stories that transcend media but composing them ourselves.

Yet even in a transmedia, digital storytelling world, are there tenets of storytelling that hold true, that remain constant? What can we learn from the traditional art of storytelling that we can take with us along our digital journeys? Award-winning writer and “This American Life” radio host Ira Glass has some ideas.

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