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Guide: Creating Audio Slideshows

Travel photojournalist Tewfic l-Sawy insists that audio slide shows are a simple approach to digital storytelling that marries images and sounds that “rival in quality and content much more elaborate multimedia productions.” Watch his “Cafe & Love” production to see a compelling example.  And check out his professional blog and personal blog to see additional audio slide shows that he has created or the work of others (often his students) that he is showcasing.

That photographs and audio recordings would tell stories of art and culture so beautifully is not surprising.  Prepare to be amazed by a slideshow of the Travel Photographer of the Year Competition that includes commentary.

Audio slide shows have also been embraced by journalists as extraordinarily successful formats for conveying content and sharing stories.  So journalism schools are preparing future journalists with multimedia storytelling skills.

 “Any university that does not offer basic to intermediate training in [the multimedia] areas will soon find that their graduates in the field are woefully unprepared for the realities of 21st century writing, reporting and connection with audience,” says Kyle Moody, a third-year Ph.D. candidate at Iowa’s School of Journalism and Mass communication.

Here are some resources that should help in your own slideshow production:

JPROF on Audio Slideshows — a good place to begin to learn the tools and techniques you’ll need to create audio slideshows.

Note that you will be tempted by Web 2.0 tools that can be purchased for ease in producing audio slideshows, such as StoryWheel and SoundSlides discussed in this article, but it is better for beginners and especially educators to learn using free tools that everyone will have — MovieMaker and iMovie.

Audio slideshows have a special appeal to those looking for relatively inexpensive ways to advocate for important causes.  Sarahmaria Gomez and Alex Fledderjohn are gifted photojournalists who produce beautiful audio slideshows in support of nonprofits who need their stories told in compelling ways through affordable means.

Tu Multimedia — Sarahmaria Gomez and Alex Fledderjohn partner in Tu Multimedia to help nonprofits get their message out.  Watch some of their impressively evocative audio slideshows on their site as well as here on Chicago’s New Communities site . . .




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