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The course is project-based with biweekly projects and semester-long projects, some completed individually and some collaboratively.

Grade Components

Individual, Semester-Long Project
Creative Journey Project
Weight: 20 points
Critical Reflection blog posts for each session and a documentary video as a final reflection on the semester’s work.

Collaborative, Semester-Long Project

Creative Activism Project
Weight: 10 points
Work with two colleagues to design, implement, evaluate, and document in a video a project that contributes to some aspect of community life, local and/or global.

Session-long (biweekly) Individual Projects
Weight: 10 Points each
Engage in creative inquiry about the creative aptitude of the session and share what is learned through blogging, responding to colleagues’ blogs, and creating digital stories.
Session 1, Play — Playshop; Projects
Session 2, Design — Playshop; Projects
Session 3, Story — Playshop; Projects
Session 5, Metaphor — Playshop; Projects
Session 6, Empathy — Playshop; Projects
Session 7, Meaning — Playshop; Projects

Session-long (biweekly) Collaborative Project
Weight: 10 Points
Collaborate with two colleagues to design and produce a 15-minute radio program.
Session 4, Symphony — Playshop; Project: “This Creative Life” Radio Program

Heads-up that additional points may be earned by announcing and reviewing special “Events for Creatives” that give us a chance to hang around with creative people.

See Reflective Assessment Process to learn about the rubrics for each project that are included in a Google Drive Folder you and I will share.

Grading Scale

The official grading scale for NC State University is a 9-point grading scale with plus and minus grades.

Letter / Grade
A+ / 97
A / 94
A- / 91
B+ / 88
B / 85
B- / 82
C+ / 79
C / 76
C- / 73
D+ / 70
D / 67
D- / 64
F /<64

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