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ECI 509, Creative Inquiry Through Digital Storytelling is a project-based course designed to prepare educators to nurture their students’ creativity by first exploring the affordances that digital technologies offer for developing their own creative potential. Students explore theories of creativity while learning to tell stories with visual, audio, video, and virtual worlds tools.

The course design is based on principles of motivation described in Dan Pink’s Drive (2009) and the work in personal learning environments and open education done by Stephen Downes (most recently in 2010). Pink (2009) explains that motivation depends on autonomy, mastery, and purpose — “self-directed . . . devoted to becoming better and better at something that matters. And it connects that quest for excellence to a larger purpose” (pp. 80-81). Downes (2010) in the Personal Learning Environment/Network Knowledge open online course describes the need for diversity (in resources for learning), autonomy (ownership of the learning), connections (from within the course to communities of practice and networks beyond), and openness (no barriers) (retrieved on Dec. 31, 2012 from http://www.slideshare.net/Downes/connectivist-learning-and-the-personal-learning-environment ).

To follow these principles of autonomy, mastery, purpose, diversity, and connections, the course is designed with lots of space and options for choices — for students to modify a project or even design a new one that fits their personal resonance, intellectual curiosity, and purposeful relevance.

The projects are built around seven creative aptitudes (Pink’s original six –play, design, story, symphony, empathy, and meaning — described in A Whole New Mind plus metaphor) with workshops/playshops for each.  Projects for each aptitude challenge students to create digital stories that stretch their understanding and application of each aptitude.  Most of the projects may be completed individually, but two — “This Creative Life” Radio Program and “Creative Activism” challenge students to collaborate.  “Creative Activism” is a semester-long project that challenges a team of students to design, implement, evaluate, and produce a documentary about a project that makes a contribution to community life, either locally or globally.

The “Creative Journey” Project carries each student through the semester with a series of blog posts in which he critically reflects on what he is learning about creativity and his creative process.  It culminates at the end of the semester with a personal documentary about the journey.

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