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Frequently Asked Questions will be taken from the Twitter stream for the course (#bookhenge) and posted here.

Where are those innovative RAP forms that I’ve heard so much about?

See Reflective Assessment Process.


So what’s this about uploading my audio slide show or video to YouTube first and then embedding in my blog?
That’s right. It’s best to upload your audio slide show or video to YouTube (or some other streaming video service) and then embed in your blog post using the link provided under “Share.”  Can you skip this step?  Only if you pay for the plugin so you can upload directly to WordPress.  For more information . . .

Should I add my Daily Create images, videos, and stories/poems/lists to my blog?

What a terrific idea? I’d definitely encourage you to do this. It will add visual impact and document the story of your Daily Create experience. You’ll also add to your blogging skillset. So, take a breath (as Jenn likes to say) and work on the edge.

I’ve tagged my photos but they aren’t showing up on The Daily Create?
Mystery solved; you need five public photos published to your Flickr photostream before the search engines pick them up — Flickr: Help:Tags

What program did you use to create your trading card?
I used a drawing-painting program for iPad called Ink. You can use any photo-edit program that uses layers. Essentially, you’re opening your photo, creating another layer, and painting your photo. We all have free access to Photoshop in NCSU’s Virtual Computing Lab or I use the similar and free to all GIMP Here’s a handy guide to beginning to use layers — Layers 101 Heads-Up: Photo-editing with layers is not for the “faint-of-heart.” Once you’ve got the concept, you’ve got it for life but it is not overly intuitive. If you want quick-turnaround then you may opt for a “one-off” photo-editing program — there are many. But do set a goal of learning to use the real tools like PhotoShop or GIMP.

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