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The Aptitude of Symphony: Wow is an understatement

“I already knew how to design…It’s almost like being exposed to all this media over the years had instilled a kind of dormant design literacy in me…I feel like every day all of us are being blasted by information design.”

So I removed an image because I must have been too lazy to download it at the time and CC let me know in an utterly subtle BRIGHT RED stop sign…

I rewound the video several times to hear McCandless repeatedly suggest how media has subconsciously influenced his way of thinking and being.  !  !  !  is how I felt!  It is no secret that mass media is involved in most of our daily lives, but we don’t typically wake up every day thinking and talking about the effects of mass media on our ways of being.  The ubiquity of various media is not always critically evaluated in non-academic settings and I don’t think the general public is equipped to properly do so.

The quote I selected is like an extraction of what I firmly believe about technology and multiple types of media;  there are long-term effects that alter the way we think and process information.  While the video represents only one person’s testimony, I would bet largely that the majority of the population (not isolated from the media) has a similar experience even if not yet realized.  What really caught my attention was how much this connected to my Visual Culture studies as a Masters student in Art Education.  VCAE explores

bust photograph of female with shoulder length blonde hair wearing a teal blazer over a black shirt
Photo of Dr. Kerry Freedman

the impact of mass media consumption and expresses the need to be able to process the visual information in which we are enveloped.  Kerry Freedman, one of many well respected VCAE proponents may provide some insight through her book., Teaching Visual Culture.  VCAE also has an underlying goal for students to be informed citizens prepared to make changes in society.  While searching, I ran across The Liberia Project, who conducted a study related to peace building and yielded some interesting (and pertinent) results about Liberian Mass Media Access and Consumption.  I am not shocked at the results…

McCandless may not have an Art background or even know what Visual Culture is, but his message implies that he would probably nod in agreement with the theory.  His engaging the crowd through visual organization was quite effective at communicating broad and quickly-covered politics.  That is what “regular” people need to be critical thinkers, especially when presented with bulky information that does not obviously apply to their individual lives.  I am horrible about following news and appreciate the way seemingly disconnected information about government finances came together to create a seamless connection in the blocked image.   Well, it is now my official cut-off time since I have exceeded my personal limit AGAIN…

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