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Session 4 CRP: Symphony


When I am alert enough to process information properly, I internally question if a person’s creativity can grow beyond a certain level.  Do people have a maximum creative potential?  For example, if a person has been (on a scale of 1-10) a 5, can they reach 10 or do they stop at 6 or 7?  Would a 3 be able to get as creative as a 6?  Based on this inquiry/theory, I have concluded that I am not getting any more creative, but am getting opportunities to demonstrate how creative I already am.  Certainly, studies have delved deeper than my random thoughts, but I just am not convinced if creativity can be learned or taught rather than nurtured.  Maybe I should read more…Anyway, I think the way I approach projects has evolved from asking What will I do? to How will I do it?  I know I will think of something and just need to execute the plan.  Part of this may be due to the way I feel…incoherent.  In searching for multimedia, I stumbled across a sad, yet humorous, but excellent video clip demonstrating how I feel these days.

Mrs. Teen USA 2007: Miss South Carolina Responds to Question.  YouTube.


I deem it important to share knowledge and believe that all people should be generous in that regard.  I have attempted to pay more attention to how I can explicitly inform the class community in my posts and have done this more often than not.


I believe that I have been consistent with clearly articulating my thoughts and using correct grammar, but would not be surprised if my recent posts have grown increasingly incoherent the way my days have gone.


Although I have usually published my initial posts on time and promptly responded to classmates, this session I failed to keep the conversation going.  My personal homework overload made my life quite the obstacle course approaching Spring Break (which could not have come at a better time) and I was doing what I could to keep it together.  I presume that my negative energies attracted the technical issues I had this week as well.  Both of the computers I use have given me pure fits (in my Southern drawl)!


I added two images to my post and I don’t think that they were really interesting.  One image was “stop-signed” and I had to remove it.  That has not happened to me before and I can only guess that it was something I missed while adding the image.  My caution when borrowing images is typically strong and if possible I avoid borrowing.  There are times, however, when a loaner is more convenient.  I am a bit disappointed in myself because I planned to do a better job this session with visually enhancing my blog post.  I can attribute much of my inadvertent negligence to sleep deprivation and the craziness of my life.  This has truly been the most demanding semester I have had while at NCSU and the two (babies) under two only intensify my distress.

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