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Last Reflections

Wow, last critical reflection post of the semester! I’m not really sure on where to start as this last week felt like a blur!

It can always be hard to make a lot of independently spinning cogs work together to make one machine move.  Especially with a very limited time frame, technology issues, and one group member in a different time zone and whose schedule was at the whim of others for an entire weekend (yes- that would be me). Yes, our group faced some challenges, especially on my end, with creating footage to add to our project. In the end I was awarded the badge of Perseverance,  which I appreciate since I felt like I was very stressed in creating just 3 minutes and 46 seconds of video. I appreciate the patience and understanding of my team members when I was not able to complete each task at the chosen time and recognizing my efforts.

As I was not able to successfully film myself creating reverse graffiti, a brilliant peer came up with the idea for me to create a webcast about our subject.  I ended up searching through Creative Commons looking for pictures of reverse graffiti and then filmed a video with Screen-O-Matic where I led a tour through a few webpages.  Audio for my segment was recorded through Screen-O-Matic then everything was complied in Windows Movie Maker. I found music on and added this via Windows Movie Maker as well.

My final product is below:

The group final product:

For my segment I wish I had spent a little bit more on what reverse graffiti could mean. What am I talking about? Just the fact that art can be created just by cleaning off walls and sidewalks shows or dirty or world really is. Sidewalks is a little but more understandable, it’s the ground. But walls and tunnels- that is basically accumulating from the air. So watch the video and check out the webpages and then think- what made that wall or tunnel dirty is going into lungs!  So reverse graffiti just isn’t about art or advertising, but about environmental awareness! This form also uses limited power and supplies- enough to power a high pressure cleaner or environmentally friendly cleaning products- but this is still much better than paper and large amounts of electricity that go into billboards, signs and fliers. Overall I like the visual aspect of my segment that I created- but would have liked to alter or elaborate on the content. What I lacked was answering the question “Why should we do this?”

Some information I wish I had included:


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